Webmaster And SEO Tools

Google Merchant Profile - Submit website to Google Search engine

Google Analytics Tool - Track your website visitors and much more

Google Ads Promotion - Create Google Ad Campaigns and much more

Google Trends (Glimpse) - Find What's Trending And More

Google Programmable Search Engine - Add google to your website

Basic And Essential SEO Monitoring

Google Search Console - Submit website to Google Search engine

Comprehensive SEO Audits

AHREFS Webmaster Tools - Analyze website for SEO errors

AHREFS Keyword Generator - Generate keyword for SEO searches

SemRush -  Content marketing and competitor research

SemRush Keyword Magic Tool - Find new rank opportunities 

Similar Web - Find similar website to test your competitioneqw

Keyword Research

Keyword Planner - Generate Long-Tail keywords from any keyword

KeywordTool - Generate Long-Tail keywords from any keyword

Answer The Public - Find what people are asking about

WordStream Tool - Shows search volume and price for any keyword

LocaliQ - More than just a keyword tool. CRM, Chatbot, Calendar, Etc.

SpyFu - Discover new traffic driving keywords

Moz Keyword Explorer - Find top ranking SEO search terms

Technical SEO and Site Structure

Screaming Frog SEO Spider - Crawl up to 500 links for free


Deep Crawl

Performance And Speed Analysis



Bing Webmaster Tools - Submit website to Bing Search engine

Yandex Webmaster Tools - Submit website to Russian Search engine

Baidu Webmaster Tools - Submit website to Chinese Search engine


EIN Credit Check - Check your US credit score using your EIN

CloudFlare - DNS and SSL website configuration

What Is My IP Address - Displays your current IP Address and more

Keywords Match Type Tool - Automatically arranges keywords for you

DeDupelist - Checks for duplicate lines in a list and removes them

Word Counter - Counts characters, words, sentences, etc.

Google Category List Tool - Shows all products google category

AI Tools (Prompting 5 Steps)

Chat GPT - The original official research and development tool

Perplexity - Equivalent to ChatGPT but more accurate

Open Art - Create image models. Great for upscaling to 2K or 4K

Synthesia - Turn text to videos in minutes. Paid subscription only.

Veed.io - Generate videos using AI prompts

Validator.ai - Validate your business ideas

VenturePlanner.ai - Create a business plan for your business idea

VentureKit.ai - Create a business plan for your business idea

AdCreative.ai - Generate advertisement creatives for your business

deal.ai - Create scroll stopping ads and more

Shoden.ai - Equip your sales team with the best prospects

Shodan.io - Look into other people webcams (Google Dorking)

appaivideo - Turn your ideas into videos

InShot - Use for video editing. Similar to CapCut

VeedCaptions - Use to create captions for your videos

ElevenLabs - Text to speech. Turn text into voiceovers

SeaArt.ai - Generate countless of images with different posesq

OpenArt AI - Generate stunning art and animations from text

​Leonardo.ai - Generate stunning high resolution images

Midjourney - Highest text to art creation tool

SORA - Create high resolution realistic videos from text prompts

Viggle - lets your ai influencer dance

InVideo - Create videos from text prompt

Pika Art - Video creation tool with Lip Sync feature

Pix Verse - Consistent character ai animation using seeds

RenderNet - Use to create character influencers. Seeds capabilities

Viva AI - The most sophisticated text to video AI software

Meta AI - Use to create your imagination at it highest level

FanVue - AI Only Fans for ai social media influencers

RunDiffusion - Stable diffusion in the cloud

DeepMotion SayMotion - Professional 3D animation using text prompts

Kaiber - Use to create animated music videos

Runway AI - The most accurate AI motion generation tool

BeatLibrary - Royalty free AI beats with 100% royalty

VidIQ AI Coach - Use to improve YouTube channel growth

Help Pages

Google Ads Help - Help pages for Google Ads

Google Search Engine Help - How to add a Search Engine to your site

Google Merchant Center Help - How to fix Merchant Center Issues

AHREFS Help Pages - All detailed explanation of technical terms

Vev Help Pages - Interactive web page building tutorials

Social Media Promotions

LinkTree - Get all your links in one location

Kalodata - TikTok Shop Analytics

SynthLife - Use to create virtual social media influencer

AI FaceSwap - Use to swap the face on anyone's body

TrendGram - Grow your Instagram followers organically

Facebook Business - View everything about facebook and Instagram

Facebook Commerce - Control inventory and sell on marketplace

MetriCool - All social media can be controlled from one place

Brand24 - Monitors everything about your brand

Video / Graphics Tools

Canva - Graphics and Video Editor Online

Canva Frames - Create custom canva frames for free (See Also)

Photopea - Photo editing online, similar to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Express - Photo editing online. Everything you need to create

OpusClips - Turn one long video into several short clips

Creator Studio - Design high quality pixar videos

Adobe Photoshop - Graphics Editor

Clip Champ - Online and offline video editing software

Flixier - Online video editing and AI auto caption creator

Wondershare Filmora - Video editing software with ai editing capabilities

Writing and Dictating

Daily Routines - A list of daily routines for marketing & web development

Notepad - Online text editor for note taking

DashNex - Web Server and Hosting business

Vev - Interactive Web Developement

WebWave - Create websites using white label templates

Save From Net - Download Instagram Post, Photo, Video

Tune FM - Stream your music and get paid more than Spotify


MSW Step 1

MSW Step 2

MSW Step 3

MSW Step 4

Home Page Newsletter


Honest Opinion Flip Flops

Honest Opinion Mens Slide

Music Subscription

Important Tools

Netflix (TinyZone) - 

Microsoft Word (Google Docs) - 

Avast (VirusTotal) - 

Captions (CapCut) - 

ElevenLabs (Speechify) - 

ChatGPT (Gemini) - 

Canva (Microsoft Designer) - 

Midjourney (Ideogram) - 

GravityWrite (Copy.ai) - 

Photoshop (Photopea) - 

Heygen (Syllaby) - 

ExpressVPN (PhotonVPN) - 


Discord - Use to do multiple things

GitHub - Use to do multiple tasks together

WickedApps - Create AI apps and many more

FameState - Buy Followers

MindRift - Get paid to train AI in various tasks

Toloka - Similar to MindRift. Teach AI in various tasks

Job Search (Resume)

RemoteJobs - Find remote jobs for anywhere in the world. Fully verified!


Playbook UX


Paid Work


User Interviews





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